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Resource kit 31 Jan 2023

Young children in crisis settings 7: Child protection for the youngest children affected by emergencies

In our seventh thematic brief, we highlight how child protection is critical to preventing lifelong consequences for young children exposed to violence and trauma during emergencies.

We further emphasize that child protection can provide positive inputs that reduce and prevent the potentially lifelong negative impacts of emergencies on young children.

Learn why we focus on the early years, how violent environments impact young children, who is responsible for protecting young children in emergencies, how to create protective environments in emergencies, programming approaches that build resilience, what humanitarian actors can do to protect young children, and much more in this brief.

With thanks to Alisha Parikh of Unbounded Associates for writing the brief,  and to Kate Anderson (Unbounded Associates), Nour Jarrouj (Moving Minds Alliance) and Janet Shriberg for reviewing the brief.  We are grateful to The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action for their inputs and guidance.