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Resource kit 18 Jan 2023

Young children in crisis settings 5: Born Learning: Expanding learning opportunities for the youngest children in crisis settings

In our fifth thematic brief we shed the light on the importance of supporting the youngest children in crisis to access high quality early learning programs. We share evidence on the critical window from birth to 5 years where the children’s ability to learn and develop is the highest, but is also the most vulnerable period of their lives.

We focus on some of the protective and risk factors for children under 5 that could affect their brain’s development, then we highlight how the early learning needs for children in crisis are yet to be met by our humanitarian system.

We talk about four different areas to promote early education in humanitarian settings. We conclude with program examples in each of these areas and how global humanitarian actors in the Education sector can support the youngest children in crisis to access early learning opportunities.

With thanks to Mari Ullmann as the primary author, and Kelly Owczarski (Graduate Student at University of Virginia, Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy), Jessica Hjarrand (Porticus), Anita Anastacio and Charlotte Berghof (LEGO Foundation) for helpful feedback and guidance.