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Resource kit 11 Nov 2022

Young children in crisis settings 4: how early childhood development in emergencies promotes gender equality

Our fourth thematic brief explains how early childhood development contributes to Gender equality. We focus on how ECD services prevent gender based violence in emergencies and how it closes the gender gap in parental care. We also share examples of several ECDIE and Gender interventions in emergency context and recommendations on how humanitarian workers can promote gender equality through ECDIE.

With thanks to Kate Anderson, Nicole Rodger, Tinotenda Hondo, Viktor Kjeldgaard Grønne and Kathryn Moore, and reviewed by Victor Hugo Dahlstroem, Emily Garin, Kirsten Gelsdorf, Ashley Nemiro, Laura Peterson, Anna Pettee, Alisha Parikh, Sarah Sexton, Elvira Thissen and Nour Jarrouj. We’re grateful to Plan International and the U.N. Girls Education Initiative for their inputs and guidance.

(available below in Arabic and English)