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Resource kit 11 Nov 2022

Young children in crisis settings 3: nourish the body, nourish the bond: integrating early care and nutrition in emergencies

In our third thematic brief, we focus on integrating early childhood development in emergencies within  nutrition sector response plans and programs. We also share evidence from various contexts of the positive effects that integration of ECDIE and nutrition has on both children and their caregivers. We include some existing entry points for integration and examples of different nutrition and responsive caregiving programs.

With thanks to Mari Ullmann as the primary author, Andi Kendle, Angeline Grant and Rachel Lozano (Global Nutrition Cluster and the GNC Technical Alliance); Eduardo Garcia Roland, Saul Guerrero and Aditi Shrikhande (UNICEF); and Ana Tenorio and Viktorya Sargsyan (World Vision).