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Resource kit 26 Aug 2022

Young children in crisis settings 2: The developing brain in crisis contexts

In this second thematic brief, we dive deeper to understand our brain and how does it respond to stress. We talk about the threats of young children in crisis being exposed to pro-longed stress and adversities and how to best mitigate the impact on their brain development. We also share how the humanitarian sector can incorporate early childhood development programs in their emergency response plans and programs through the nurturing framework lens.

With thanks to authors Amanda Forsey of Soapbox, Mari Ullmann and Kate Anderson, and reviewed by Victor Hugo Dahlstroem, Sofie Enstrøm, Emily Garin, Kirsten Gelsdorf, Ashley Nemiro, Laura Peterson, Sarah Sexton, Elvira Thissen and Nour Jarrouj. The Harvard Center on the Developing Child provided inputs and guidance.

(Available to download below in Arabic, English and French)