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Resource kit 13 Nov 2023

Strong Beginnings: Leveraging School, Home and Church for Whole Child Development

This case study explores the challenges confronting families and school communities in Haiti, where numerous obstacles, including socio-political instability, violence, and frequent school closures, hinder children’s learning and well-being. Despite these challenges, education holds significant value in Haitian culture.

This case study was commissioned by the Moving Minds Alliance and written by Mari Ullmann in October-December 2022 then reviewed and finalized by Josaphine Evelyn Margron from July to October 2023 in Haiti.

Special thanks to Jessica Hjarrand and Christina Kirby (Porticus), Kate Schuenke-Lucien and Michael Berino (Global Center for the Development of the Whole Child), Elvira Thissen (BVLF) , Fawad Akbari (Grand Challenges Canada), MarieDiane Uwamahoro (Save The Children Uganda), Kate Anderson (Unbounded Associates), Nour Jarrouj(Moving Minds Alliance) and Neil Townsend, for their input and review of the document.