Blog post 26 May 2023

From Congo to Uganda: A Refugee Mother’s Journey of Hope and Resilience

Theirworld 20 May 2023

Theirworld report reveals aid to pre-primary education was cut at peak of pandemic.

International Step by Step Association 16 May 2023

Working Toward Inclusion for Roma Refugees in Hungary

UNICEF 17 Apr 2023

Devastating earthquakes impact infrastructure, displacement, and education in Syria

UNICEF 28 Mar 2023

From insight to action: Examining mortality in Somalia

Humanitarian Rapid Research Initiative (HRRI) 03 Mar 2023

Solidarity at scale: Local responder perspectives and learning from the first week of the earthquake response in Syria and Türkiye.

UNICEF 24 Feb 2023

Kharkiv project helps children heal from horrors of war

LEGO Foundation 24 Feb 2023

Not even a war can stop Ukrainian teachers

Moving Minds Alliance 24 Feb 2023

Early intervention with children facing crisis situations is essential to guarantee them the best possible development