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Opportunity 21 Jun 2024

Call for Applications for Membership in the Expert Advisory Group for MMA

MMA is Calling for Applications

The Moving Minds Alliance (MMA), an advocacy impact network focused on Early Childhood Development in Emergencies (ECDiE), is calling for applications to join its newly established Expert Advisory Group (EAG). MMA, comprising 40 organizations, aims to increase the funding, policy prioritization, and leadership needed to support young children and caregivers affected by crisis and displacement.

With a goal for all children and caregivers to have access to necessary resources in environments of dignity, equity, and care, MMA’s activities are driven by member collaboration and supported by a core team and external consultants.

The EAG will consist of five members with lived experience from diverse crisis-affected contexts, particularly from the Global South. These experts will advise MMA on lifting the voices of children and caregivers in displacement and enhancing refugee-led and community-led ECDiE coordination and advocacy.

Download the terms of reference below to learn more about the role and Apply Here