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Report 16 May 2024

After Action Review: Global Refugee Forum

The 2023 Global Refugee Forum (GRF) in Geneva facilitated significant pledges and contributions, with over 1,600 commitments amounting to USD 2.2 billion, about 40% of which focused on education. Co-convened by multiple countries and co-hosted by Switzerland and UNHCR, the Forum emphasized the critical role of education in fostering resilient communities.

The UNHCR GRF Education Alliance, formed in the first GRF, brought together stakeholders to advance education for refugees, establishing an Early Childhood Education (ECE) Task Team. This team expanded its focus to holistic early childhood development (ECD), integrating nurturing care, responsive parenting, health, nutrition, and security, while aiming to influence sectors like gender and child rights.

The ECD Task Team, led by MMA, the Lego Foundation, and BVLF, developed and promoted evidence-based practices, joint proposals, and multi-stakeholder pledges to enhance ECD services, culminating in this After Action Review to document their efforts and insights.