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Blog post 23 Feb 2024

2023-2024 Research Fellow Spotlight- Toluwase Olufadewa

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Toluwase Olufadewa

Research project name:

Essential Newborn Care Practices of Mothers in IDP Camps in Northern Nigeria

Country of research:


Description of research project:  

The project aims to assess ENC practices among mothers living in IDP camps in Northern Nigeria with a specific focus on thermal care, cord care, and breastfeeding initiation. Despite the global effort to reduce infant mortality, it persists globally, especially in LMICs. This study aims to address the lack of information on the ENC practices in IDP in Nigeria. The cross-sectional study involves data collection from nursing mothers in randomly selected IDP camps utilizing a multistage sampling technique. Data will be collected using questionnaires adapted from WHO ENC practices and by reviewing other literature and analyzed using statistical analytical tools. 

What does this project mean to you:  

This project aims to shed light on the understudied yet critical aspect of maternal and child health in humanitarian and crisis settings in Northern Nigeria. The persistent high level of child mortality rates in Nigeria especially in Northern Nigeria and in IDP setting demands urgent attention. This research seeks to fill the crucial knowledge gap in implementing evidence-based interventions in these settings. 

As someone who has worked in several IDP camps, this project resonates with me deeply as it aligns with my broad commitment to global equity. The emphasis on understanding not only the level of knowledge and practices but also the predictors of ENC practices reflects a holistic approach to healthcare delivery in crisis settings. By employing rigorous research methods. 

This project’s essence lies in its potential to catalyze positive change by informing policies and interventions tailored to the specific needs of displaced populations. It represents a step towards bridging the gap between research and real-world impact, ultimately contributing to the broader goal of ensuring health equity and improved outcomes for vulnerable populations.