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Blog post 20 Feb 2024

2023-2024 Research Fellow Spotlight- Hiba Mohammad Kassir 

Your Name:

Hiba Mohammad Kassir

Research project name:

Impact of the Economic Crisis and Displacement on the Early Screening of Developmental Difficulties. 

Country of research:


Description of Research Project:  

The main objective of this research project is to analyze the impact of the economic crisis and displacement on early childhood, with a special focus on the quality of parent-child interactions and the extent of parents’ knowledge about child development and education. Additionally, the study will explore how these factors relate to parents’ willingness to obtain early screening exams. 

The targeted demographic comprises parents with children aged between 1.6 and 5 years residing in Lebanon. This group will be further categorized into three subgroups based on parental nationality (Lebanese, Syrian, Palestinian) within families affected by these challenges. 

What does this project mean to you:

As a researcher specializing in childhood development and a qualified speech-language pathologist, my mission is to create awareness about the crucial role of parental knowledge, attitudes, and practices in child development, as well as the early detection of developmental difficulties. This project aims to investigate the essential link between the efficacy of early intervention and the timely identification facilitated by early screening processes.  

The opportunity to conduct this study in Lebanon, supported by MMA, is immensely gratifying. Notably, experts in childhood development have observed a decrease or postponement in families affected by the economic crisis seeking early screenings. I am deeply enthusiastic about this study and firmly believe that the outcomes of this research will significantly contribute to enhancing awareness and information concerning the indispensable roles played by parental knowledge and the quality of parent-child interactions. This study will shed light on the impact of the crisis on parental behaviors, their inclination to seek guidance when suspecting developmental difficulties in their children, and how this behavior could potentially affect future decisions, thereby influencing policymakers.